We are so glad you’re here! This is a place for Christian Performing Artists to learn, grow in their craft, find fellowship with like-minded artists, and know that the Lord has a mission for us. We can be Kingdom builders “One Role at a Time” if we look to Him for strength, guidance, and direction in every step we take.

I have spent nearly 4 decades serving Him in every aspect of the performing arts. Directing, performing, on camera, behind the camera, producing, and writing.

I know how much impact THE ARTS have in our world and as a Christian, I believe we have the opportunity to make a difference in this world for Christ. This means, improving our skills, living biblically, participating in the arts that will bring Glory to God and something we wouldn’t mind anyone seeing.

Everything we do here is professional and top-notch. We have great expectations and high standards. Whether it is a scene study program, a workshop, or any kind of class, we point everything we do to the Glory of God!

Again, Welcome and I look forward to serving with you!