Wes Whatley – Acting

Wes, his wife Julee, and their sons Simon, Jacob, Peter, and Caleb have been in the mission field over the last 5 years. Serving in Europe, making disciples among refugees from the Middle East. Wes and his wife Julee began their performing arts careers in full time service, in 1983 with a professional touring repertoire theatrical company based out of Los Angeles, CA. In 1995, they settled in Los Angeles where Wes began his work in Hollywood while maintaining his ministry work out of Los Angeles. In 2010, Wes and his family moved to Denver, CO where Wes worked as a producer for network TV. Feeling called back to full time ministry, they left Colorado for Europe, where the family was able to engage in their call to live out Matthew 28:18-20.

Wes began his career as a professional actor, director, writer, producer, and storyteller in 1982. As a stage actor and storyteller, he has toured throughout North America as well as 14 countries around the world. Wes has over 10,000 live performances in theaters, churches, gymnasiums, airplane hangars and even on an M1 Abrams Tank. He has traveled by planes, trains and automobiles (and buses and boats) and even by Armored Personnel Carriers, performing for U.S. military troops.

Wes has been blessed to have worked in Hollywood as a Director, Writer, and Producer. He has had the pleasure of working with folks like Kelsey Grammer, Barbra Streisand, Fergie, Natalie Cole, Corbin Bleu, Collective Soul, and many more. His work spans CBS, NBC, ABC, Universal, Disney, CMT, as well as several other cable networks. Wes has also had the blessing of owning 2 sound studios in Burbank and Santa Monica, CA., providing post production for TV and Film. During this time, Wes also developed his Voice Over career over 20 years having voiced 1,000’s of productions and has online training materials for those hoping to join the world of VOICE OVER!