Working alongside Wes Whatley was a tremendous gift in my life! We had the opportunity to serve at CYT together in various leadership roles over several years. Although I had taught in the arts prior to my time working with Wes, I had not had the opportunity to have ministry be the main focus of my work with young artists. Witnessing Wes through deed and word instructed me time and again. It was by watching him that I learned how to link my passion for arts with my passion for spreading Jesus’s message of love, sacrifice, and service.  He is gentle and strong, faithful and humble. I don’t think he knew I was watching or learning, but watching and learning from him has been an enormous gift in my life. He indeed Serves with his vast and extraordinary God given talents! All those blessed to have the opportunity to work by his side, as colleague or student, will thrive!

– Charla Kelly

I had the pleasure of working with Wes Whatley in an international drama ministry for many years.  His love of Theater as well as his devotion to ministry and service make for a wonderful combination.  An accomplished actor and director, Wes has also proven himself an effective teacher – both as a teaching-director and in leading drama workshops. I look forward to the possibility of working with him again.

– Jerry Sciarrio

I was blessed to work with Wes at CYT Denver. Wes is exceptionally gifted in his craft and has the beautiful gift of translating those skills into understandable, tangible lessons for his students. He is compassionate, hard working, dedicated, patient, encouraging, driven, kind, and a fabulous collaborator/team player. My favorite thing about Wes; however, is his unwavering love of Jesus that overflows into every aspect of his life and every pore of his being. He KNOWS his Savior, He LOVES his Savior, He SERVES his Savior.

– Amy Pyne

I met Wes Whatley in 2013 while working together at Christian Youth Theater; Wes and I worked together for a few years before he and his family left Colorado to get ready to head overseas into the mission field. 

I’ve been lucky to work with Wes from several different perspectives: as a parent of two of his students where I witnessed his love for teaching; as a member of many production teams where he openly shared his knowledge and led with compassion, creativity and understanding; and as a friend and mentor where Wes helped sparked a passion in me for the love of technical theatre. 

Wes is immensely talented in all aspects of theatre and he has a gift of sharing his talents. 

Furthermore, Wes is a Godly man; his love for Jesus is evident in his daily life, his family, and his interactions with others. 

Wes truly has a heart of gold. 

I highly recommend Wes for any position or endeavor that he may seek to pursue; I am confident he will be an asset for any organization! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 – Chris Lester

I had the pleasure and honor to work with Wes in Denver as a youth theater instructor and director during my tenure with Christian Youth Theater (CYT). His passion for Christ and love of his craft permeated in his approach and guidance. The students connected with him and the teachers and staff trusted and followed his lead. He would me a blessing to any program or organization seeking a consummate professional coupled with heart for children and a deeply rooted faith.

– Michelle Holbrook

I have had the great pleasure of working with Wes Whatley on a number of projects. He is an experienced expert in the field of the performing arts from a technical perspective as well as in talent. He has a love for teaching and cares greatly for his students. But even above his talent, Wes’s love for the Lord shines brightest. He is a wonderful source of God’s joy and spreads that light wherever he goes. Wes has brought an air of professionalism, an elevated level of performance, and a safe and loving environment to each project we have worked on together (always giving all of the glory to God). I was so pleased to hear he was starting this ministry and I cannot wait to see how God uses him to impact your community.

– Rachel Merideth